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you again next time. the spin stops here. we are looking out for you. >> sean: so much for the american nuclear policies of yesterday. there was president eisenhower's policy of massive retaliation way ed hostile nations that the united states reserved the right to retaliate against hostile nations at a place and time of its choosing. there was president john f. kennedy's notion of flexible response. which implied the country was capable of responding to any provocation, large or small. president reagan drastically increased the defense budget. by forcing the soviet union to keep up drove it into bankruptcy. now comes president obama who has turned a blind eye to the lessons of history and embraced a dangerous draw-down in america's defense. the obama administration declared yesterday the president plans to depart from these precedents. secretary of defense gates and
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secretary of state clinton announced the president will not use nuclear weapons against any nonnuclear state even in the event of a chemical or biological attack. beyond that the united states will not develop any nuclear weapons. our enemies must be rejoicing. it could it be more clear this president's desire to deter enemies pales in comparison to bring about his desire for a nuclear free world? how dangerous is this for the united states and the free world? joining me newt gingrich. newt is the co-host along with his wife calista of the new documentary, nine days that changed the world. which is about pope john paul's pilgrimage to poland in 1979. mr. speaker, welcome. >> good to be with you. >> sean: how about bad is this? >> i think this is the most unrealistic diplomacy since the late 20s. you have to go back to the kellogg pact to end war the
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whole serve yeast -- series of disarmament con tprofrpbss in the 20s the democracies does avoid dealing with reality kept designing all sorts of paper documents that were gonna end war. and they were going to disarm countries. and the problem they had was the japanese the italians and germans and the russians, didn't go an along. here you have diplomats -- if you notice today the iranians were laughing. literally laughing at the idea of sanctions. as they build nuclear weapons. so you have the president over here in a fantasy. it is a fantasy. it sounds good. it would be wonderful. it just doesn't fit this particular planet. over here you have north korea, pakistan, iran, al-qaeda and a host of other potential
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enemies. who are just methodically doing their thing. i think the greatest danger, that we will end up confusing words with reality in a way that some day that can get a lot of people killed. >> reporter: the -- >> sean: the only effect i see is that is going to embolden our adversaries. i thought jennifer rubin had an interesting take. this president is dangerously obsessed with unilateral gestures and disarmament. the only thing -- look i spoke with neil cavuto i'm going to be on his show tomorrow. i was trying to make the case to him this is the worst president america has ever had on economic policy, on foreign policy. when i made the case he was the most radical person ever running for office i was an being tad. now i'm making the case that he's the worst president that -- the record now shows. this is icing on the cake. do i overstate it? am i extreme?
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you are going to urge me to be more moderate to stand back? am i close, am i right? >> i think if you were to say he is potentially the most dangerous, because he so completely misunderstands reality. he's recently gone out of his way to offend karzai, the afghan leader we are relying on. he's gone out of his way to be genuinely, publicly nasty to netanyahu the israeli ally we are relying on. you get an embrace if you are hugo chavez. you get acceptance if you you are ahmadinejad in iran. but, if you are an american ally somehow you are not acceptable. he can bully you. i think is a typical pattern on the left, jimmy carter did it to some extent. the other thing that obama does on a scale that carter never dreamed of. he believes maybe because he believes in his own rhetoric. he believes that words are a
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substitute for reality. and so, if you remember, you and i talked about this at the time. he goes to prague a year ago he gets up to give a speech on nuclear weapons as north korea is defying him that morning. >> sean: that morning, that day, yeah. >> that very day. yet to you have to think isn't there a hint of the mismatch between the deeds of dictators and the words of politicians in a democracy? this is very much like the 1920s. >> sean: first of all, go back to what you said. iran is mocking us. north koreans are defying us. he listens to a 15 minute anti-american diatribe by ortega. takes anti-american -- from hugo chavez. what he's saying is the united states will not even in self-defense, if there's a biological, chemical attack or crippling cyber tack of some
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kind, that we're not gonna respond. if you are the enemy -- >> first of all, i would love to see a white house reporter ask the simple question. if there was a biological attack, which killed over a million americans, is this president really saying we would not retaliate? >> sean: that's what he said. wait a minute, that's what he said. >> i agree. it's what he said. but i think it is important to push him and push secretary gates and to push secretary clinton, and to say to them, in the real world, if something truly bad happened, are you genuinely saying you would not retaliate? >> sean: here's my point. i'm genuinely now at a point where i have never been in my entire life. i am concerned he is, as you say, dangerous to the country. economically, i think he has
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led us down a path to financial -- on a financial path that is totally completely and utterly unsustainable. now we got paul volcker talk about a national sales tax that almost has to be a certainty at this point. the only two pictures giuliani said this, he will join us later, the only two people he won't take pictures with at the white house are netanyahu and the dalai lama every other world dictator seems to get coddled by the administration. is america setting itself up for a dramatic decline economically and will the world have contempt for america as a sole super power? >> i think the two things are parallel and are part of why i would use the word dangerous. the fact they are talking about 10 trillion dollars of additional deficit over the next decade. must have of it will be owned by the chinese and
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saudi arabians you have to ask to what extent at an economic level are we going to nation a national security crisis. the fact they are determined to cripple our industry when everyone realizes having national security and energy keeping the money at home creating less expense energy here is vital to our economic future. combined with unilateral disarmament mindset. i think the term dangerous is legitimate to raise about policies and lack of understanding of reality in this administration. >> sean: when he would come back i want to ask about the -- all important midterm lex. we've got a tape of a harry reid rally. one attacking the tea party movement saying they can drop dead your reaction to that more with speaker gingrich on the other side of the break as hannity continues. thanks to the new venture card from capital one,
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. >> sean: we continue with former speaker of the house newt gingrich. sarah palin shows up in nevada. throws -- draws a huge crowd between 10 and 25,000. harry reid guess to the same location he got a little over 100, big crowd as he's kicking off his reelection. he's behind all three potential candidates that he would run against. there's been all this talk about the tea party movement
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how it is racist, violent. listen to what happened when he was mocking governor palin and somebody shouts out about the tea party movement, they can drop dead. let's roll this tape. >> i was going to give a few remarks on the people who were here a week ago saturday, but i couldn't write it all on my hand. [ applause ] >> you bet cha! >> sean: they could drop dead, you bet cha! what do you make of the effort to demon eyes the entire tea party movement? -- demonize the entire tea party movement? >> i think having contempt for the people of your own state is dangerous if you are an incumbent running for election. these people who were here a week ago. those are the people who elected him. they were his citizens.
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the fact that there were thousands of them, i mean i would think, you know if he was at all rational, he would be going out trying to find a way to talk with the tea party people. everywhere i go with american solutions, we have a tea party meeting. we listen to 10, 15, 20 of the leaders from whatever community we are in. we are going to be in new orleans and doing a workshop thursday. we'll meet with folks. i find under the -- i find them to be intelligent, serious citizens, deeply concerned about the deficit. if harry reid were to sit down with people who are his own citizens. i'm not saying bring in alaskans or californiaians if he were to sit with people from nevada and listen to them, he might be shocked how reasonable and thoughtful they are. >> sean: 40% of those in the tea party movement are either independent or democrat. he has a 53% unfavorable
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rating in his own state in nevada right now as he's running for reelection. charlie rangel comparing the tea party movement to the segregationist movement. another house democrat comparing them to the kkk. if 40% of democrats and independents this is not that smart a political move for the democrats. >> it is also false. i was at tea party meets when you were in atlanta and i was in new york. the person who introduced me in front of city hall in new york, was an african-american. people i in dallas, included latinos. i think it is totally false to suggest that tea party people are anything except citizens who are really worried about spending, really worried about the deficits. frankly, really worried about unemployment. >> sean: let me ask you about the election. i know you said one of the interviews you gave this morning, telling republicans
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don't fall for this circular firing squad mentality that the media wants to create. more specifically, attacks against the chairman of the rnc, michael steele. you're not there yet. you said that you would like to see -- i talk about this in my new book. i want to see a new contract with america. i was so successful. i think it would reinvigorate the confidence in the republican party. what what is the prescription to get that magic number to take back the house? >> kevin mccarthy the brilliant chief deputy whip from california has been asked by john boehner the republican leader to organize over the next four, five months to develop a compact or contract, i'm not sure what the right word is, it doesn't have to be a sequel per se. i recommended to him, that he talk with marco rubio.
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what marco did running for speaker of the house in florida. developed a program for 100 ideas for florida's future. they went around the state holding idea-raisers. we're faced with an enormous crisis of government. in that, government's the fourth bubble after information, technology, housing and wall street. government is too expensive, too bureaucratic, unions have too much power. we need every possible solution to get back to a balanced budget. i think if they would >> sean: you're not there yet. you don't think the republicans are there in terms of winning back the house and winning back the senate? >> i think they are poised to be there. i think charlie cook put it well the other day the analyst who writes for national journal. there are between 25 and 35 seats today, enormous improvement puts them almost in charge. they need a couple of breaks between now and the end of the campaign.
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simple example i'm coloring as an idea at american solutions. one of the things in the health bill is 16,000 additional irs agents. i think the average american doesn't think we need 16,000 health police. they don't think we need a single health police. it is interesting that health bill has more irs agents than doctors or nurses or people who do dealt -- who do health, in the bill. if republicans run as one of their planks they will never fund the 16,000 irs agents and block implementation of the 430 billion dollars new taxes and put it straight to the country. want 16,000 new irs agents vote democrat. do you not? vote republican. my guess is that would be one of the five or six issues that could set the stage for a majority. >> sean: fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets, elimination of earmarks, transparency.
9:19 pm
put everything on c-span. show you are going to be the ethical party. energy independence. you can't lose. i don't see in this environment how they could lose, especially if they put their john hancock down on a piece of paper. mr. speaker thanks for being with us. more hannity coming up straight ahead. >> also a requirement that individuals either have health coverage or make a payment on their tax return. >> sean: the irs commissioner says buy health care or you could lose your tax refund. >> now that the legislation passed people are so nice to me. >> sean: new poll exposes harry reid's health care hoax. >> he's the one candidate that we can trust to represent republican principles in washington. >> sean: mayor makes waves in florida. tonight he's here to tell us why he's backing marco rubio. plus report from colonel north
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>> sean: a congressional analysis recently estimated 16,000 new irs agents could be hired to enforce the new health care laws. at the national press club yesterday irs commissioner
9:24 pm
explained why all that additional manpower may be needed according to schulman the irs will be taking a lead role in enforcing the individual mandate that requires all americans to buy health insurance. if you refuse, could you lose your tax refund. >> there are a number of tax provisions which our agency is responsible for. if somebody doesn't have coverage, either paid the penalty that they owe or get a letter from us saying thank you owe this amount. >> sean: just what every american looks forward to. getting more letters from the irs. senate majority leader harry reid went on the record last night and listen to what he told greta about the popularity of the democrats' health care overhaul. >> now that the legislation passed, it is amazing how much different people's attitude is. traveling on an airplane people are so nice to me. we have people -- it wasn't
9:25 pm
that way before. everybody acknowledges, with the rare exception that what we did with immediate deliver ups are terrific. >> sean: the latest rasmussen poll shows 62% of nevada voters want the relate care bill repealed. as for all the people that reid claims are being nice to him that same poll has reid trailing all three top gop candidates vying for his job. sue lowden holds a 15 point lead, danny tarkanian up by 7 points and sheryl angle but 11 points. maybe everybody is being nice to you because they know you are out of a job in november. the balance to win hearts and minds adjust as essential in afghanistan as it was in iraq. how are our troops going about it? lt. north standing by from kandahar, afghanistan tonight. >> we are with the 41st rescue
9:26 pm
squad in afghanistan their mission is saving lives. tell us how you got to be a pj? >> i came into the air force 17 years ago to be a dog handler. after in that field for five years i wanted to come over to rescue so i tried out for it. >> you guys just saved a little afghan child. >> [ inaudible ]
9:27 pm
>> transport this patient to kandahar which is the higher echelon of care. >> his father was terrified. >> his father was upset normally. we are going to keep him onboard our aircraft and tried to provide some level of comfort for him as well and have him as an escort for his son as we bring him to kandahar which is winning hearts and minds near afghanistan. >> helicopter about 16 million dollars training for the air crew four million dollars. train for the pj's in the back, a million dollars a piece. saving the life of a wounded american or a 4-year-old afghan boy, priceless. sean back to you. >> sean: thanks to all our brave men and women in afghanistan that is the news tonight from hannity's america. marco rubio picked up an endorsement from former mayor giuliani yesterday. tonight the mayor is here to tell us why he's backing rubio
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>> we need a senator who understands how to stand up for the free market for the individual, for low taxes, less government spending. and marco is the only candidate in this race who has a record of doing that. and that's why you should vote for him. [ applause ] sean that was former new york city mayor rudy giuliani speaking at a marco
9:32 pm
rubio rally yesterday. rubio in the middle of the race everyone is talking about challenging florida governor crist in the republican primary. joining me to talk about why he's backing rubio and how the republicans can do in the midterms rudy giuliani i like rubio too. please going to be with us a week from today. at the villages. >> best rally i had was at the villages. i love the villages. great time. >> sean: he's going to be there, lou holtz is going to be there, michelle bachmann. we have fun events. rubio, i find him a rock star. i've interviewed him a number of times. i interviewed him when he was 19 down. he's got such strong reagan conservative root and peel. he's a great politician. >> i met marco in 2007, when i was running. in summer i spent half a day with him, my wife and i did,
9:33 pm
mutual friends put us together. i was extremely impressed with him. he was way behind then. i thought he's got the right ideas, right background. really good sense of how we have to keep government under control. what i said yesterday is what i really believe. he's the right kind of senator we need to stan up to this march toward social democracy. >> sean: charlie crist told you twice, that he was -- shook your hand and said you have my endorsement. >> right. >> sean: it is going to be on a certain date. >> correct. >> sean: he lied to you? >> that's right. he broke his word, which to me in politics is worth everything. i dealt with people in politics for years as the mayor and had to get bills through and things through. you gave your word you had to stick with it, even if it hurt. but that the reason i'm endorsing marco.
9:34 pm
i'd stay out of the race if it were charlie and maybe somebody else and they weren't very different. there's a big different here. we can rely on rubio to be there when we're gonna have to fight cap and trade. charlie, as far as i can tell is in favor of can trade. he embraced the stimulus. you should have been able to filling out early the stimulus was a payoff to democratic constituencies. it had nothing to do with creating jobs. when you look at phony statistics about the jobs that were preserved. look at how many government jobs allegedly were preserved. >> sean: they are all government jobs. >> the same as they were doing with health care when they paid off the unions. >> sean: i got into this with newt gingrich a little. i released a book last week. we are going to be with governor palin and michelle bachmann tomorrow night. i've done four cities now, and every person that i meet has never been in concerned about the future of the country. things were bad when jimmy carter was president.
9:35 pm
things were bad when you took over and became mayor in new york. welfare, you had 1.1 million people on welfare out of 7 million population that's 1 out of 7. >> we had a 10 1/2% unemployment rate. when 2.3 billion dollar deficit and we had just lost 450,000 jobs. but i never really doubted that i could turn it around. >> sean: can we turn this around? >> yes, we can. but i agree with you, i have never been more concerned for the country. i think we have to win this year, because -- >> sean: have to win this year. >> because i think we have to stop what will be a real attempt to push through, as much of this -- >> sean: socialist. >> social democracy. i say the image it seems to me this administration has in mind to make us like a european economy. an economy which is -- maybe even more controlled by the government than some of the european economies. >> sean: look at europe. why would you follow a model
9:36 pm
that has failed so miserably? >> i don't know you have to ask them that the argument for government control of economies i thought that was lost in the 80s. >> sean: if conservatives don't win back the government, irreparable damage to america? >> debt that your children and my children and grandchildren are gonna have to pay for well into the future -- >> sean: america loses aaa bond rating? >> it could be. it has national security implications. an america that isn't strong enough -- who is going to take care of the rest of the world if it isn't america? nobody else cares the way we do about the rest of the world. >> sean: the president wants to close gitmo. tells our enemies our enhanced infather techniques stops them. now he tells the world today by the way, if you attack us with biological chemical weapons or a cyber attack of some kind, crippling --
9:37 pm
>> i don't know they have any idea how catastrophic a chemical or biological attack on the united states can be. i remember four days after september -- september 11th, late on a friday i bought experts together to discuss with me how do we deal with biological warfare, chemical warfare if we get hit with that? a few weeks later we were hit with anthrax. the meeting lasts 2 1/2, 3 hours. i left and i couldn't sleep that night. i couldn't sleep many nights. there were a couple of things they could have done that our best answer would have been to put people on randall's island and let them die. the biological and chemical agents that are available can do incredible, kill thousands and thousands of people. takeoff the table or announce how we might respond, seems to me entirely irresponsible and
9:38 pm
naive. >> sean: are you saying, based on this conversation that caused sleepless nights for you, that the materials are available that we could knock out a town, knock out a small city? this could happen in america? >> of course it could, yeah. smallpox, sure we have agents that can deal with it. we have injections we can give and vaccinations we are not sure how they are going to work. i don't want to mention all the things that are available. security is now my business. i can't imagine why a president of the united states would want to tie our hands and how first of all we deter and how we respond to catastrophic attack the way -- >> sean: last question, do you see republicans winning in november? do you think they are there yet? >> i think we are getting there. i do think -- i can see how we could win the house of representatives back at this point.
9:39 pm
senate is still difficult, but i think we could. >> sean: okay, mr. mayor, thanks. time to check in with greta for a speak peek on what is coming up. where are you? >> greta: i don't know. i'm in the city that doesn't go to sleep. this is one crazy, wild city of vegas. even wilder tonight our s. two governors who both have state attorneys general who are irate at them. we'll tell you why. here in vegas, two republicans who are fighting hard to get rid of senator harry reid. they both want his seat. ambassador bolton joins us he's not here in vegas he's in an unusual place. we have much more. sean turn on that satellite radio when you go home tonight. >> sean: i'll be listening on the way to the airport i'm going to minneapolis. next time you are in vegas you have to tell me because i win when i play back jack.
9:40 pm
-- when i play blackjack. you will win if you sit next to me, i'll bring you luck. >> greta: i will try that next time. >> sean: greta in 20 minutes. when we come back our great, great, great american panel. ♪ ♪ every business da bank of america lends nearly $3 billionollars to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations and businesses in every corner of the economy. america. ♪ growing stronger. every day. there are engines... and then there's the twin-turbocharging,
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. >> sean: tonight on our great american panel. fox news legal analyst peter johnson. editor at daily caller tucker carlson. she is the washington editor for fortune magazine and columnist for "time" magazine nina easton is back with us. we've told the world now, our strategy. you can attack us with biological weapons, chemical weapons we could have a major crippling cyber attack and we are not going to do anything. is that smart? >> probably not. >> sean: probably or not? >> i would vote on the not side. the prospect of using nuclear weapons is who are riff fib. going back to ronald reagan -- is horrific. going back to ronald reagan to today want a world without nuclear weapons, fine. what does it do to broadcast our intentions to somebody who might be using chemical or
9:45 pm
biological weapons against us? james baker in 1991 on the eve of the persian gulf war went to iraqi foreign minister and said to him, and suggested to him, if they use chemical weapons against our troops, guess what we might use -- >> sean: and it worked. you leave the threat hanging. . >> while we don't want to use nuclear weapons there is a rule for the threat in keeping peace. >> the president is on a trajectory to keep his nobel prize he has to earn it. you can relay what your strategy is to the world -- it is probably one. most short-sided destructive things that i've seen in a while. >> sean: deeper analysis, why? why would he do it? i have my theory. >> this only makes sense if you believe united states is the primary threat to the world and to worm peace. >> sean: thank you. >> what they are saying is, when we get rid of our nuclear
9:46 pm
weapons, america's -- nuclear weapons the world will be safer. we are the primary peacekeeper for 60 years. the president doesn't believe that they believe the rest of the world will be safer if we are less armed. >> this builds in the narrative that he has created that we need to apologize for america. we're not going to extoll the virtues of america when we speak to the muslim world america is not a christian nation et cetera. he seems to be nicer to the world's dictators and more patient with them than america's allies, benjamin netanyahu, not going to have a picture with the dallie lamb matsch >> i wouldn't go that far. >> sean: i would. >> i know you would. they think they will move the world towards a multi--- towards a multi-lateral reduction in nuclear year -- nuclear weapons and less to use nuclear weapons.
9:47 pm
>> sean: can i be more blunt. i think barack obama meets the classic definition of an an peace -- of an appeaser somebody who doesn't have the courage, moral clarity of a ronald reagan or a george w. bush for that matter. >> after world war ii we under -- we understood what appeasers meant. i don't think barack obama means to be an appeaser but i think the effect is the same. i think it does act as appeasement. when you tell people, if you launch a biological or chemical attack on the united states, and i'm promising you at this point that if you meet certain parameters it will not be met with a response i have nuclear attack. then you open the door and you invite those attacks. >> it doesn't strike me as appease so much as self-floating. this is a person who says i'm -- self-loathing. this is a person who says i'm sorry for what we have done.
9:48 pm
>> sean: let me tell you why i disagree. look at chamberlain versus churchill. it seems classic. he actually believes that he can reach out to our enemies and he can embrace them and they will be chanting yes we can. >> he has to understand that people seek nuclear weapons not as a balance against our nuclear weapons but because they -- >> sean: he wants to negotiate with a holocaust denying like ahmadinejad that threatens to wipe israel off the map. >> he doesn't see the u.s. is on a higher moral plain. >> reporter: he doesn't believe in american exceptionalism. >> right. >> sean: i think is important. he really doesn't seem to understand or have the moral clarity of a regan of a churchill of a bush for that matter. for all the criticism of george bush he saw evil in the world. >> clarity, clarity of a model
9:49 pm
u.n.. in a bure -- suburban high school. there's not a real sense here. the president needs to say all the options are on the take. and i'm not going to give you a forewarning as to what we intend to do. nuclear response by america is one of the most odious things that we can imagine. but obviously, as the world's greatest power we have to keep that in our arsenal. >> sean: in the first gulf war when we made that threat clear that option was on the table, it was very successful. >> it made an impact. i don't think this was so much -- i don't think he's an appeaser. i think he was threading a political needle. the left is not happy with this. he didn't rule out -- >> sean: i'm giving you a copy of my book. two chapters in the book.
9:50 pm
oh alist, appeaser. shameless plug. i believe it. i don't think he understands the nature of evil in the world. i think is only going to invite aggression in the future. -- i think he's setting the world up for a situation where america is going to have to step up again. it is jimmy carter on steroids. we'll take a break, come back more with our great, great, great american panel, next. woman down from nasal allergy attack. but we've got the ammunition she needs: omnaris. (troops) omnaris! to the nose. (general) omnaris works differently than many other allergy medications. omnaris fights nasal allergy symptoms that occur from allergic inflammation... relieve those symptoms with omnaris. side effects may include headache, nosebleed and sore throat. her nose is at ease. we have lift off. (general) remember omnaris! ask your doctor. in the battle against nasal allergy symptoms, omnaris combats the cause.
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>> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. we learned a lot. we've got a to pass the health care bill before we find out what's in the bill. al see hastings there are no rules we make them up as we go. congressman phil hare swofrpb to uphold the constitution. listen to what he said about the constitution. >> more doctors, >> where in the constitution? >> i don't worry about the constitution on this to be honest. >> sean: i don't worry about the constitution. you're the attorney. >> there is an oath. there is an oath when you are sworn in as a member of house of representatives. does that sound like he's meeting his oath? the constitution means everything. >> it is our rule of law our
9:55 pm
foundation of society. >> a couple dozen attorneys general are saying that health care reform is in violation of it. >> it means nothing to these guys! are you kidding! they get out there, they have the power. this company is making too much money, they find a sim score cheap points by going after specific -- they have no constitutional right to do that they do it because they can. >> sean: henry waxman pulling companies that say the health care bill will cost millions turnover your private -- >> because they can. >> sean: shread the constitution? do you believe that? do you believe they are stomping and shreading our constitution? >> worse they are disregarding it. >> they can do what they want to do and they are going to score political points by dragging up these companies -- they've been doing this -- >> sean: making the rules up as they go along.
9:56 pm
is this united states of america? this is what i'm asking? >> this is the united states of america and they have every right to subpoena those companies and bring them up. >> sean: why because they spoke out against the passage of health care? >> i'm not saying it is the right thing to do. but they have the right to do it. >> it is intimidation. >> it is in response to people speaking out and you wonder why people are frustrated when they are sick to their stomach when they see a congressman like you just showed saying it doesn't mean anything. when i go to washington, i get a great feeling going past government monuments and buildings. it means something to me to go with my family, it is a wonderful thing. i say this is where it is happening. these are the people who are gonna us and be for us when you get a guy like that, constitution i don't care what is the heck is that? >> sean: you have been critical of the reconciliation process.
9:57 pm
were you critical when they were going to deem a bill passed. the constitution is clear about voting yea or nay in both houses before a bill becomes law. i learned that in second grade. >> we talked about the notion when he transform a sixth of the economy and direct and order americans to buy health insurance, an individual mandate, an employer mandate does that deserve a constitutional amendment or a late night reconciliation vote? >> sean: peter johnson, by the way a well-known democrat, that you're looking at the democratic party stomping on our constitution or is this hyperbole and rhetoric from the far right extremist sean hannity? >> you are not an extremist, sometimes you are in the center. the constitution is not being respected. the constitution is not being considered.
9:58 pm
>> practicality, political expediency, getting to a yes that they want to get to is being considered. >> sean: i'm saying to newt gingrich and rudy giuliani tonight. i'm out on the road and meeting a lot of people. i have never felt a sense of fear and trepidation and concern about america's future that i'm feeling right now. >> i think there's certainly economic concerns. one economist said the next few years it is going to be like swimming through peanut butter, because of the debt, because of the taxation that companies are facing. >> that's become a code word. that's become a code word to denigrate americans and tea party people that have real concerns. they are saying well you're ignorant, you have racial angst. you have anxiety about social economic change in this country.
9:59 pm
and so that's what's being reflected here. people have real concerns about whether the government is -- >> of course. the deepest concern is not the recession those come and go. people in charge have no idea what they are doing. they really don't know. at a time when we are drowning in debt add another trillion and all will be well. >> true believers and it is scary. >> sean: good to see you. that does it for us tonight. don't forget my new book only one week old in bookstores everywhere, conservative victory defeating obama's radical agenda. we continue across the country. tomorrow night we will be in minneapolis and we'll be joined by sarah palin and congresswoman michelle bachmann and tim pawlenty. if you want to find out how you can join us, or the following week in florida, atlanta and cincinnati april 15th, go to my website details about the tour, my new book at it

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